‘JAGADAMB, MUMBAI’was born out of a dream - the dream seen by three aspiring, restless but socially and culturally charged youngsters. Dream was to start a ‘DHOL TASHAA PATHAK’of their own, an idea not unique by itself, as there were many such groups in Mumbai. But these youngsters had decided to create something different. Fire in their belly forced them to walk towards their dream. They mentioned this to their friends and many responded positively. This group discussed this idea over many cups of tea and many hours under the street lamps till the wee hours of morning. The collective wisdom formed the basic idea of ‘JAGADAMB, MUMBAI’.Idea was to create a group and the income earned from its performances should be used for social and cultural activities. This idea received a thumping response from hundreds of likeminded pals.

Thus was formed 'JAGADAMB Mumbai' on 25th Dec 2013. The aims of our organization are:

  • DHOL TASHAA PATHAK: An idea of running this Pathak was to make today’s youth aware of these traditional instruments used by Marathas to create motivational music. Though ours is not a commercial Dhol Tashaa Pathak, we have taken a great trouble in training the team with all the technical and esthetical aspects of this kind of music. The income generated from our performances would be used for many social and cultural activities we want to be associated with.

  • We would help under-privileged children and try to support orphanages.

  • Try to support old age homes in form of various activities and monetary help where ever possible.

  • Imbibe glorious history of Maratha Dynasty in every youth. This would be achieved by:

  • Organizing seminars.

  • Treks and visits to forts and historical monuments.

  • Taking up issues like lack of facilities for trekkers and fort lovers at such spots.

  • Create awareness of maintaining such spots among public in general and visitors to these spots in particular.

  • Encouraging youth to read books on these subjects.

We have earned many accolades for our performances. We were also privileged to receive our logo as a gift from internationally acclaimed calligrapher Mr. Achyut Palav. We devoted our first performance to Chatrapati Shivaji Maharaj by performing on fort RAIGAD at the occasion of 1st May 2014 - Maharashtra Day.

Few main activities of the year:

  • Performed for Chatrapati Sambhaji Maharaj Birth Anniversary at Pune on 14th May 2014, along with an exploration visit of the majestic Shanivarwada.

  • Donated raincoats for Bal Asha Trusts Orphanage.

  • Donated food grains to Jamshetji Jeejibhoy Old Age Home.

  • Organized a lecture by famous history orator Shri. Raviraj Paradkar on the subject ‘Vision of Chatrapati Shivaji Maharaj’ on 1st June 2014 to commemorate the death anniversary of late Go. Ni. Dandekar, known as the pioneer of trekking in the Sahyadri mountain range rich with many forts telling us the history of Marathas. Go. Ni. Dandekar’s literature has inspired thousands in Maharashtra.

  • Performed at GSB Seva Mandal Ganeshotsav, Virat Darshan Ceremony.

  • Performed at internationally acclaimed renowned calligraphy artist Shri. Achyut Palav’s family Ganesh Pandal.

  • Ganapati of Ruia college students is proudly called as ‘Vidyarthyancha Raja’ where we performed for 7 hours at a stretch. This was our major performance on the last day of this year’s Ganeshotsav.

  • Organized a trek to Rajgad fort which is termed as ‘King of Forts’.

There are many more activities we have accomplished and many more to follow…