Malanggad Fort

Hazrat Haji Malang Sha Sarkar Rahymattullha Taala Alhy, (also called Baba Malang) is a hill fort located in Thane District, Maharashtra. It has an elevation of 789 m above sea level.

Major features:

Haji Malang. This plateaus is called Pir Machi.

The next higher level is called the Sone Machi as it is the lower part of the fort. This is a projection of rock with is 70 feet broad and 100 feet long. It is shaped like an elephant trunk. It has a parapet wall with bastions on two sides but there are no machicolations to fire at the an invading army.

The highest level is the Citadel which is 200 yards long and 70 yards broad. This is the summit of the hill and has no fortifications. The water supply is from five cisterns at the top of the hill with a copper pipe to carry water to the lower levels.

Haji Malang is different from other forts in Maharashtra. Whereas other forts have several gates and multiple watchtowers, art of the main gate itself. With a wall with nomachicolations to fire at the enemy and no fortifications, Haji Malang is one of the few forts to depend completely on natural aspects of the hill to defend itself.


haji Malang, this is the oldest name associated with Haji Malang and he has said to have improved access to the hill by means of an iron bridge.

Nearby Kalyan, the reinforcements arrived in early October as Colonel Hartley and Captain Jameson and their troops advanced on Malanggad and finally defeated the Marathas.

Current usage:

In 2007, Govt. of Maharashtra awarded a contract to Supreme-Suyog-Yashita consortium to build a Funicular Railway to Malanggad plateau from Malangwadi, towards Kalyan. The permissions from Forest Department took 4 years to come and the work has now started. The Malanggad Funicular Railway will be more than 1 km in length and will gain 320 M in height. It will be able to carry 1000 passengers up and down the hill every one hour.