Prachitgad Fort

Prachitgad Fort (also known as Uchitgad) is an ancient fort in the Sahyadri mountain range in Maharashtra state, India. It covers an area of 5 acres (20,000 m2).


It is located at 17°13′34″N 73°41′25″E on the western edge of Chandoli National Park in Ratnagiri district at Shringarpur. The closest city is Sangameshwar which is approximately 22 km away. The place is accessible only by foot from Shringarpur near sangmeshwar which is a 5 to 8 hour climb and trek through treacherous terrain or from chandoli dam which is a 14-15 hour walk through the forest.


Its exact date of establishment is not known but it dates to before 1500 CE by the ancestors of Rana Suryarao Surve (1618-1682 CE).

Major features:

It has an outer wall and an inner wall. The outer wall is still intact while the inner wall is in ruins. There is a well, a temple and five guns within the fort. It can only be accessed by means of a ladder.

Battles fought there:

It was the scene of battle between the Marathas and the British in 1818, at which the British won.

Places to visit:

Being in the Chandoli National park Prachitgad is studded with beautiful spots. Two main spots being Sada and Kandhar Doh. Sada is the formation made up of frozen lava. Kanddhar Doh is the water fall on the river Warana.

Nearest cities:

• Sangli

• Ratnagiri

• Kolhapur

Nearest railway stations:

• Sangli

• Miraj junction

• Sangameshwar

• Ratnagiri

• Kolhapur